This course provides a key introduction to a web development languages and techniques focusing in PHP and MySQL in the context of web development practices. The problem nowadays, everybody required the best website in order to represent themselves either an organization or personal for their viewer. There are many ways to build the best user experience website but the skills in this component required in order to create an engaging and stable websites. The advantages of PHP is easy to learn and uncomplicated, flexibility, dynamic and web integration. We are the experts, and specialized in the web development and we will prepared the participant to take further and more confident steps into web development process. By the end of the course, participants will experience on how to create a basic web pages, including structuring page content, and connecting to database that allow the user to keep and manage the data when using the web pages.

10oct - 11All DayPHP & MYSQL SHORT COURSELearn to build an amazing web application using PHP & MySQL