• Mega Mind Training Center (MMTC) is a bumiputera company that provide a variety short course programme focusing in wide range of IT and Engineering industry since January 2014.
  • Our management office currently situated at Bandar Baru Bangi, Selangor. Our office is well equipped with a latest training facility in order to deliver in-house training programme.
  • With a careful selection, the trainer come from a various professional capacities across the global industry with a combination of real-world technical experience and knowledge for an in-depth training delivery.
  • The content and materials is properly customized and developed based on a current and real world case studies to ensure it meet the client requirement and objectives.


  • Specialized in building IT development skills, Engineering & Robotics, Business Development (from an IT P.O.V)
  • Customized Training & Mentoring ProgrammeAsdZAhapSVW2ySH73xa9Brrm1RkJsKKsQWK4D1sv1Por
  • Curriculum development
  • On-site and in house training/seminar/workshop
  • Online Training
  • Other Services
    • IT Consultancy services
    • Event Management


Our Focus is to become the first choice in this training industry by delivering a unique and enjoyable approach that maintains the quality and the course objective. All the content will be developed, customized and made to be practical in terms of a real world usage. We will ensure affordable fees for all the courses and also to deliver a FREE programme in order that everybody had a fair chance to get the benefit from this beautiful knowledge.


Our mission is to provide a contextualized content that consist of practical and real world syllabus that relevant to the participant. The content deliverable will be customized specifically based on the client requirement and objectives. Our team consist of highly qualified trainer which required first to attend our Train the Trainer programme before they are allow to conduct a training programme.
Our training should be conduct in an optimal environment either at our premise or at the client premise. The facilities should be prepared accordingly before the training begins to ensure the optimal result can be achieved.
The outcome result after each training programme conducted will be measured and calculated. This to ensures that the objective of each programmed is achieved and at the same time to keep improving our services.
Each of the participants will enjoy our ongoing support services. By doing this, they will have time to digest all the information and apply it during the real working environment.


  • Training Assessment
  • Instructor Led Learning
  • Group Discussions
  • Case Studies
  • Hands-on Lab
  • Exam Review
  • Online Learning